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1.In the google address bar type: Gmail.com.

2. Enter full email address (first name.last name@lifeschools.org). ONLY a few 6th graders have an email address that is different than this, but they will know what it is - it will be the same email they use to login to Google Classroom or their computer lab username@lifeschools.org .

3.Then enter 4 digit password (this is the same password they use to login to school computers or Google Classroom).

4. Then accept (if first time logging in on this device).

bi -weekly reading log

The reading logs are due every other Friday. They must have at least 5 entries and include the skill of the week. Students should be recording the skill of the week in their planners, under Topic.

Greek and Latin root words week 1 vocab list

Good morning!! I just wanted to communicate with you all that we will have vocabulary tests once a month. The students will have the words written in the back of their journals and I will be posting the words and date they will be tested on my webpage. The tests will be multiple choice. They are not defining these words but showing if they understand how to use them in a sentence. We will have a test over these vocab. words on Friday, August 23rd.
     My name is Sara Lorasch. I started working for Life School in 2004. I taught 2nd grade for 9 years. This is my 5th year teaching 6th grade reading. My husband, Mark, is an electrician and I have 3 children here at Lifeschool. I have such a passion for reading and hope to instill that passion in your children!