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About Mrs. Howard

Hello my name is Mrs. Howard, and Life School has been my home since 2014. I have been teaching since 2004. My teaching experience includes 8 years of secondary coaching and teaching, and 2 years of 3rd grade Math.When asked why I love teaching, the answer is simple: because children are fun to be around! I look forward to many more years at Life School.


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Last NINE WEEKS!! We can do it!

Welcome to the last nine weeks of this school year. These weeks will go by so fast with many exciting adventures! This week in social studies:
Monday: Students receive all information for the next project over ancient Rome
Tuesday: Students will begin working on their project
               Your student is working in a group with three other people, they are either responsible for
1. Research 2. Slideshow 3. Visual Aid/3-D Model 4. five question quiz
They should be working in class diligently everyday on their part of the project.
Wednesday: Day 3 of the project- Students should be to their half way point on finishing their required part
Thursday: NO SS- Reading Interim Testting
Friday: Day 4 of Project- Should finish their required part of the project 
Monday 3/26- Day 5 - Should work with group to practice their presentation.