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Hello! This is my 10th year teaching 5th grade at Life School Red Oak. This will be my 8th year teaching Science, but I have also taught Reading, English Language Arts, and Social Studies. I graduated from Dallas Baptist University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts in Education. I majored in English Language Arts and Reading (Grades 4-8). I have certifications in English as a Second Language (ESL), and Generalist (4-8). My favorite part of teaching is seeing my former students when they come back to visit me! It is encouraging to know I have made a difference, but I know that wouldn't be possible without such supportive parents, administrators, and the students themselves being eager to learn. I love my job! My husband Christopher and I have been married four years. On May 27, 2016, God blessed us with our precious Ella.  She has completely stolen our hearts!  We also love to spend time with family, go shopping, and watch movies.

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Happenin' Habitat Research Project

Science Grades updated!

All grades are updated in the Parent Portal!  I also emailed everyone an updated progress report.  Check your junk mail if you cannot find it...sometimes that automated email from TEAMS gets flagged as SPAM.
If there is a blank space, this means either the student was absent, or I am giving them more time to finish.  TEAMS will automatically notify you when a blank space has been there too long, and treat it as "missing", although it might not actually be the case...this has actually happened before if I create an assignment but then take a few days to enter the grade...and even though I have the assignment it will still email you if it's blank...I'm not as concerned about blank grades as I am ZEROS!!!!
If there is a ZERO, it means it is past due or missing.  If your student is certain they turned something in, and there is still a zero, it is possible they forgot their name, and should check my no name box.
Thank you!  Feel free to email me with any questions at tarra.daugherty@lifeschools.net
Thank you!

Science STAAR Prep - Update

Hello Parents and Students!
I wanted to update everyone on the preparations that I have planned for the upcoming Science STAAR test on May 16.  As you know the Math STAAR is April 10 and the Reading STAAR is April 11.  For two weeks following that first round of testing, all students will be participating in "Science Bootcamp" during Mustang Club.  Also during those two weeks, I will be sending small groups of students throughout the day to our Science Lab Teacher, and our 45 day tutors, to receive intensive review based on their needs.  As the STAAR test draws nearer, I will also be reviewing the topics from this year during Science class.  
If you would like to support your student at home, it is important to stay abreast of their success via the Parent Portal.  Students also have been monitoring their progress on all of the topics, since September, inside their Science Folders.  Once you know their weaknesses and strengths, it will give you a place to start.  From there, log into STEMscopes and have them do some review activities and practice quizzes based on their need.  You may also choose to have them use the visual glossary, which is a short video clip of all vocabulary words.  This is especially helpful when trying to study vocabulary, and you need an active demonstration. For example, it is helpful in acting out the differences between reflection and refraction.
I also want to clarify the intention of the "flash cards."  Students have about 80 words right now they should have been reviewing over the past month.  I have been giving them homework grades to get signatures proving they have been studying them.  In a couple weeks I will give them about 80 more.  There will be no quiz or test that is solely over these words.  Students are expected to be flipping through these for the sole purpose of building academic vocabulary.  There is no particular order I want them using.  They should be bringing these to school each day, because we will be using them for games during class.  I also suggest they be reading at home and during their free time.  Becoming a stronger reader is the secret to success on all STAAR tests!
I appreciate all of the students for giving 100% and the parents for facilitating them to do so.  I thank you all for your hard work.  We will do this together!
As always, feel free to email me at tarra.daugherty@lifeschools.net with any questions or concerns you may have.  My heart is for your students!  I want them to succeed!  Their success is my success, and OUR success!  Have a wonderful Easter weekend with your families!
Mrs. Daugherty

Assignment for Friday, December 15, 2017

Hello Students!
Here is your to-do list for today!  Log in to STEMscopes and get started!  You MAY use your notebooks.
1. Simulation Practice - Circuits
2. Simulation Practice - Light
3. PhET Simulation Practice - Light
4. CLOZEing in on Science - Light (It says light practice quiz in description)
When you are finished with 1-4, you may go to other links on my site, but you must not go anywhere else on the internet.  Have a great time!

Wednesday 2/8/17 Lesson Plan

Hello Students!  See below for today's plan!
1. Wednesday Warmup - Log in to STEMscopes and use this interactive quiz as a warmup!  Ready Go!
2. Go to my "links" section and click on Study Jams.  Find the biomes video under the "ecosystems" category.  Focus question - "What causes biomes to be so different?"
3. Go to my "links" section and click the Biomes link.  Here, you will find access to information about each major biome of the world.  In your notebook, write down the following facts in your notebook.  Be ready to present them to the entire class tomorrow!  Have fun!
Assignment title is "Biomes"
a) name of biome
b) location of biome
c) climate of biome
        -yearly precipitation
        -average temperatures
d) 2 examples of animals that live here AND
   2 examples of plants that live here) 

Alternative Energy

Here are some links that explain some of the types of alternative energy we are learning about:

How to log on to STEMscopes (Accelerate Learning) Science Website:

  1. Log on to a computer or other device. If you’re using a Life School computer, you must log on using your student login information.  Open an internet browser, such as Safari or Chrome.
  2. Go to the website by visiting Mrs. Daugherty’s website, and clicking the link, or by typing in the URL that is on your login card.
  3. Select “Life School Red Oak” from the pull-down menu.
  4. Enter username.
  5. Enter password.
  6. Select the “LOGIN” button