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About Mrs. Hoggard

My name is Loralei Hoggard and I am excited to be a part of Life School Red Oak. This is my 8th year teaching in Life School. However, as a parent, this is my 16th year involved with the Life School District. This year I am teaching Reading and Social Studies - specifically Texas History. I graduated Western New Mexico University in 2000.
I grew up in west Texas. My husband and I have been married for 28 years and we have four sons.  Our oldest son is a computer science student at the UT Dallas. Our second son is an engineering student at Texas A&M. My youngest two sons are attending Global High School.
Some of my favorite things are cooking and baking, Christmas, and Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang. During my free time, if I'm not in the kitchen, I may be preparing for the holidays, playing the piano, or singing.
I look forward to seeing the greatness in my amazing students and working with our FANTABULOUS 4-th grade team.

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Today's date (each day from the 12th through tomorrow) is a palindrome, when written numerically. 
A palindrome is a word, phrase, sentence, or number that reads the same forward and backward. Words like: dad, wow, kayak, or dates like 9-10-19. Kind of a fun tid-bit.
We are still doing some intense and important character work. We are continuing to learn to *read* our characters. We are identifying character traits. We are also looking at changes in the characters and theIR relationships and discussing the cause. You all have some deep thinkers! I'm very proud of them. 
In Texas History, we are actually discussing The Constitution and The Declaration of Independence as part of Celebrate Freedom Week. Today we watched "School House Rocks: We the People." We then read the Preamble to The Constitution in unison. We are working on a packet with a lot of information in it. This completed packet will be taken as a test grade. We have already reviewed it. Tomorrow and Friday we will color, fill in the blanks, and assemble the booklet. I expect great success from all. 
Next week, we will continue in our *normally scheduled Texas History activities* as we continue to read maps and discuss the "Don't Mess With Texas" campaign.


I'm not scared! I'm a 4th grade teacher!
The year is well underway and we are all having a great time. The kids are awesome and I'm so proud of their hard work.
We are getting into our Texas History textbooks and starting to learn about our great state. The kids love knowing that we have EVERY kind of climate and EVERY kind of land form there is. 
The last 2 weeks, we were learning WHERE IN THE WORLD IS TEXAS? Those should have come home in Thursday Exchange. I was very pleased with these projects. Coming up, we will start learning about the 4 major regions of Texas. This is always a fun time as we culminate our discussions with a salt map that we build and paint in class.
Next week, we will also be working in information for "Celebrate Freedom Week." It's an interesting time to discuss the founding of our great nation. 
In reading, we are still doing character work for "The Tiger Rising." The students are LOVING this novel. We are learning how to read characters by analyzing their relationships, events in life and environment. This all impacts a person's character. We have also been discussing that a character can also be an animal or other creature...even an imaginary creature.
I know you are as proud of your students as I am. They are great!

Coming up!

In reading, we are just beginning a novel. The students will love it. It is all part of our Readers Workshop. We will use this novel as a jump off point for various mini-lessons. This will then be transferred to their own reading in their library books. 

Speaking of library: we go every other Friday. I do have a decent sized library in my classroom for the students to use, as well. The students, by tomorrow 8-28, will have book bags. There should ALWAYS be a book in the book bag. The book bag should ALWAYS go class to class with the students. This is a Life School expectation across the district. 
In Texas History, we are starting to learn 'WHERE IN THE WORLD IS TEXAS?" We will discuss planet, hemisphere, continent, country, state and county. We will be working, for about a week, on a flip chart showing these various elements to our *address.* There will be several grades to this, including a test grade on the finished project. This is not a project that will be sent home to be worked on...it is an in class project. Please encourage your student to be diligent in their work.
The students have LOVED exploring large Texas maps. They have enjoyed looking at the globe as well.
I love their love of learning. 


We are well on our way through the 2019-2020 academic year. 
Can you believe it's almost September?
We have hit the ground running...and then we hit a snag when the A/C broke in our building. But, you know what? The students were real champs when it came to dealing with the heat. I'm very proud of how they dealt with this obstacle and still managed learning. That's incredible.
I look forward to an incredible year.