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About Mrs. Lane

Welcome to 3rd grade! I am so excited to get to know you and your student. I know this will be a fun and successful year!

This is my fifth year at Life School and I am so excited to work with a team of amazing people!
I am married to my amazing husband, Brian. We have been married for 4 years! We have one son, Cooper, who is one year old!
I love to cook, read, and watch movies! We love to take small road trips, especially to the Texas Hill Country area!

Make sure to check back every week for important information going on in class.

Recent Posts

Science Fair

Visit the link on the right hand side to access any information about the Science Fair!

Multiplication Unit

Multiplication is a big unit in third grade! It is very important for students to master their multiplication facts. We have a certain order that we are learning our facts in and students can earn rewards for memorizing them!
Facts to master in this order:
10,5,2,4,8 > Earn a class coupon reward
1,0,9,6,3,7 > Earn a monthly jean coupon
11, 12 > Earn Popcorn & Movie Party
Here is a set of flashcards you can print off and use at home or in the car!
There are also lots of apps you can download on your ipad/tablet for students to practice!


DreamBox Logins will be coming home with your student tomorrow (10-3).
This is great practice to do at home! We only get to go to the computer lab once a week and we occasionally get to use our 3 ipads in class.So any extra time you can have your child practice at home would be very beneficial!
Here is the website for you to log in to.

Math Help Anytime!

Parents, check out this website for math help at home! Search the topic and see examples and resources.You can visit this website anytime and look for a certain topic. Sometimes they will provide examples and games to do at home!

Changing States of Matter Flow Chart
This is a flow chart that we did in science today showing how to change matter into a different state by either heating it or cooling it. You can talk about these changes at home especially in the kitchen! If you are melting some butter in the pan for dinner, you are changing a solid to a liquid by adding heat!
You can also check out this video about changing states of matter.

Place Value Relationships

This is a very tough topic we are currently going over this week. This is the power point we did together in class today. Please take a little time at home to go over this information. You can even change the numbers and ask new questions about them!
We will revisit this topic later in the year when we start talking about multiplication. Once we get into multiplication, the understanding of this seems to come easier.