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About Mrs. Scott

My name is Robin Scott and I am so pleased to be a part of Life School and I am honored to be the 6th grade Math teacher. I love those moments when the light bulb goes on and the students understand the concept!

A little about myself:
I am the 6th grade Math teacher.  I have also taught Science and Social Studies.   My husband, James, and I have been married since 1975. I am so proud of my two grown sons, Christopher and Jeffrey. Chris is married to Molly, and they have blessed me with two beautiful grandchildren. In addition to teaching, my interests include Bible study, reading, and horsemanship.

Please note that my conference period is 10:10 to 10:40.  Usually, I am not able to check emails until after dismissal. I will reply to your message within 24 hours.

Thank you for entrusting your students into my care. I will strive to ensure that they are successful.


Recent Posts

Test Wed. 4/24/18

Test Wednesday, 4/24/18 on multiplying & dividing decimals, positives, and negatives.  This is a review in preparation for the STAAR test which is 4 weeks from today!


Due to overall poor performance, there will be a retest on multiplying and dividing with fractions and decimals.  Most failures were due to not following instructions to write their answers in simplest form.  Students' tests were returned Friday so they can review and correct to make sure they understand.  

Test on Exponents, Prime Factorization, and Order of Operations

The test on Exponents, Prime Factorization, and Order of Operations is scheduled for Friday, 12/1/17.

Test on Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

The test on converting fractions, decimals, and percents is on Tuesday, October 31st.  

Fall Festival Needs

Each year, 6th Grade raises money to reduce the cost of the student tickets to Medieval Times by holding a cake walk during the Fall Festival.  We rely on donated baked goods such as cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, or any other pastry. 
We also contribute to and share in the proceeds from the concession stand. We need at least 3 parents to volunteer to take a 30-minute shift at the concession stand.  6th Grade's contribution to the food to be sold is pre-popped popcorn.  Please donate the large bags of pre-popped popcorn and/or plastic solo-type cups to serve the popcorn in.


The week of 10/09/17 is CFA week.  The 2-day Math CFA will be completed today, Wednesday.  The Reading CFA is today and the Science CFA is tomorrow.
Next week, we will resume Fractions as Division, Equivalent Fractions, and converting fractions to decimals and percents.  

Up Next

We have completed the unit on The Coordinate Plane and graphing points in all 4 Quadrants.  Next, we begin exploring fractions as division problems resulting in decimal quotients, then converting the decimal number into percents.

Test - Classifying Rational Numbers

The test on classifying rational numbers will be Monday, 9/18/17.  Things to study include vocabulary and notes in the Math journal as well as completed work on the topic.

Test on Decimal Place Value - Tuesday, 8/29/17

 Topics include decimals in word form, equivalent fractions, standard form (as a decimal), and expanded form.  Hint: Be able to explain what expanded form is.