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For Parents:
Tips for helping your children be more successful with homework:
Great article talking about how parent involvement improves student success: – a resource for parents wanting information on a wide variety of topics.  The website’s A-Z section has many resources on topics such as child development, parenting tips, and health issues. - Lots of ideas for parents on child friendly recipes, crafts, and activities for families to enjoy together . - resources for parents on talking to children about how to handle childhood conflicts, how to recognize and deal with bullying, and how to help your children develop a positive self-concept and resilience. - a very popular resource for parents looking for a better way to discipline and build responsibility in their children.  I am not endorsing the products they sell, but their free information and resources are helpful!
For Parents and Children to Explore Together: -  provides parents with lots of information about health and safety topics.  It also has a section for children that parents can use to help their children get information about health and safety topics in “kid friendly” language. – this site has an interactive video that is great to help younger elementary students practice conflict resolution.  By clicking on different choices, children can see how different reactions to a problem can result in different outcomes to the issue.  The video can be played in English or in Spanish. - has a parent information section and children’s sections with videos and games to practice skills on dealing with bullies and strangers - for families who have a loved one serving in the military.  It has strategies and activities to help children adjust and cope with having someone they love deployed far away.