Life School Red Oak Elementary Receives International Paper Foundation Grant

Life School Red Oak Elementary (LSRO) has been awarded a $4,500 grant to the third grade class from International Paper’s Waxahachie Mill and the International Paper Foundation.

The Life School Charter School District has set a goal to have all of its students on a level three reading level by the third grade. Through the International Paper Foundation Grant, LSRO received funds to build its library with higher-level reading materials to help develop healthy cognitive development and early reading habits, used in and out of school. 

“The goal was to provide students with authentic, engaging literature to encourage reading engagement and to promote literacy growth,” explained Tracy White, LSRO’s Instructional Coach. 

“Students immediately began engaging with the texts provided,” she added. “Also, research shows that reading achievement improves with reading engagement, so we believe that the second goal, literacy growth, will be met because the first goal, engagement, has been achieved.”

The International Paper Foundation is one of the ways International Paper strives to reach its vision to be among the most successful, sustainable and responsible companies in the world. Started in 1952, the foundation annually provides millions in grants to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations to address critical needs in the communities where its employees live and work. Funding priority is given to programs related to its signature causes: education, hunger, health & wellness, disaster relief, and initiatives that improve the planet.