Red Oak Elementary

Science Lab Home

Science Lab: Basic Rules and Procedures

  1.      Enter room
    1.      Go directly to seat/table. NO TALKING
    2.      Place your belongings under your table and out of the way.
    3.      Get your lab folder and pencil from the center of your table.
    4.      Update your table of contents.
  2.      During Lab
    1.      No talking without permission.
    2.      When given permission to talk, use the correct CHAMP level.
    3.      Follow all instructions given by the lab instructor.
  3.      Packing up
    1.      Clean up your table and area.
    2.      Return your pencils to the bins at your table.
    3.      Pack up your things.
    4.      Put your lab sheet in your folder and stack the folders in the basket.
    5.      Stay in your seat until called on by your lab instructor.
  4.      Stay in your assigned seat.
  5.      Be respectful and kind to your instructor and classmates.


Consequences for good choices and behavior

  1.      Pride Bucks.
  2.      Complement to homeroom teacher.
  3.      Positive phone call home.

Consequences of negative choices and bad behavior

  1.      Warning/ Reminder
  2.      Loss of lab privilege (may earn back)
  3.       Phone call home and tally

Scientist Expectations (How we earn our participation grades)

  1.      Scientist behavior- I demonstrate how to correctly use science process skills, science safety rules and lab rules.
  2.      Effort- I used my lab time wisely and I gave my best effort.
  3.      Cooperation- I listened carefully, I added to my group's conversation, I helped my group members, and I worked well with my peers.
  4.      Focus- I remained focused on the assigned task throughout the entire activity. I completed all the required work.




Lab Participation Grades

100: Expert Scientist

(0 Reminders)

All 4 expectations are met.

90: Advanced Scientist

(1 Reminder)

All 4 expectations are met.

80: Intermediate Scientist

(2 reminders)

3 expectations are met.

70: Novice Scientist

(3 reminders)

2 expectations are met.

60: Early Scientist

(4 reminders)

1 expectation is met.

50: Confused Scientist

(5+ reminders)

Expectations are not met.

Students continue to loose 10 points for each reminder in a single class period.