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About Mrs. Howard

Hello my name is Mrs. Howard, and Life School has been my home since 2014. I have been teaching since 2004. My teaching experience includes 8 years of secondary coaching and teaching, and 2 years of 3rd grade Math.When asked why I love teaching, the answer is simple: because children are fun to be around! I look forward to many more years at Life School.


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Week at a Glance week of 9/18

Good Morning all, hope your weekend was fabulous!!
Monday: Cultural Mandala- students will create an art depiction representing their culture
Tuesday: Students will have an in class review of the information that they will see on the test on Wednesday. They will bring a review home to study
Wednesday: Cultures TEST
Thursday: Video over the fertile crescent area, beginning of civilization
Friday: Lecture and Notes over Unit 1-Mesopotamia

Week of 9/11

 Good morning everyone! This week we will explore the timeline of events from 9/11/01 and begin our discussion on cultures.
Students have a World Map Project due on Wednesday the 13 and have limited time to work on this in class. Thank you so much for supporting your student in their to efforts to be the greatest they can be! 

Week of 9/5

 Hope everyone had a wonderful 3 day weekend!! 
This week we are discussing and applying the skill of finding locations using latitude and longitude. 
We will TEST this skill on Thursday 9/7/17
We will begin our first individual project on Friday "World Map" 
 I look forward to an amazing week!

Week of 8/28

 This week we are wrapping up our geography and maps unit. We will have a Maps and Map types test on Thursday, and begin Longitude and Latitude on Friday. To see the power points that were given please go to my assignments page!