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About Mrs. Hopper

My name is Rhonda Hopper and Life School has been my home since 2010. I have been teaching since 2005, mostly Science with a couple of years of Math. When asked why I love teaching, the answer is simple: because children are fun to be around! I look forward to many more years at Life School.      

Recent Posts

9/15 Weekly Update

We are excited to be learning about cells. Ask your student about the two types of cells and see if they can tell you which one has a nucleus and which one does not.
Grades are posted for the week and I will be sending out emails with progress reports in just a few minutes.
Today, I sent home the field trip information letter. Our field trip is in May, but we are required to make a deposit to secure our tickets. Each year, we use our proceeds from Fall Festival to help reduce the ticket price, so we won't know the exact amount until after the festival. We are asking for a $15 deposit now, then we will collect the remaining balance in January.
If parents would like to attend, they MUST PURCHASE A TICKET THROUGH MRS. HOPPER. Adult ticket prices are $45 and need to be paid in full at this time. See the letter for more information.

Field Trip Letter 2017

Field Trip to Medieval Times in May, 2018. We are required to make a deposit on our balance by the end of October, so we are asking for a deposit of $15. The letter attached explains in more detail.

Grades now posted

Science grades have been updated for the week. A current progress report is attached to the email I sent out yesterday.
All assignments need to be turned in by Tuesday at dismissal in order to be graded and updated for progress reports that come out
on Friday.
We will be reviewing the test on Monday and it will be sent home with students. Please look over it with your student. It is important that our young children learn good study habits early, so I am including a link that will
help with study habits.
Thank you for all the donations for Harvey relief!
Mrs. Hopper

9/8 Weekly Update

Unfortunately, I am not able to post grades today. So, look for them this weekend. I'll be sending out the current progress report as well.
Since formal progress reports are being send home next Friday, the cut off for getting missing work will be Tuesday. Any missing work for the whole 9 weeks may be turned in for partial credit.
Next week, we will start learning about the two types of cells: Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic. We will learn what DNA is and where it is stored. New words include: Eukaryotic, Prokaryotic, cell, DNA, nucleus, cell membrane, organelle, cytoplasm.

Mrs. Hopper