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About Mrs. McTaggart

I am thrilled to be part of LSRO's 5th grade team again this year. I am passionate about helping students and seeing them enjoy what they are learning. 

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Test - 9-22-17

There will be a test next Friday, September 22. It will have two short passages and 12 multiple choice questions. 6 questions will be over context clues and the other 6 questions will be over multiple meaning words. On my website I will upload a review over each and an answer key. These items are not homework and will not be grade - they are for your use as a study tool. 
Have a great weekend, 
Mrs. McTaggart

Reading Notebooks

Good Afternoon Parents, 
This week we set up our reading notebooks. On the front inside cover they should have glued a Genre Cheat Sheet. The first page is blank for them to decorate. Then 4 pages of  Table of Contents. Then they should have 4 tabs (we created these by just folding the page over):
Reading Logs - 5 blank pages after
Goals & Data - 5 blank pages after
Notes - 42 blank pages after
Reading Responses - the rest of the blank pages
All pages starting after the reading log tab should be numbered front and back. Numbers are continuous throughout the entire notebook. 
Please let me know if your child doesn't have the appropriate pages in their notebook because I will be doing a random notebook check sometime this week.