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About Mrs. McTaggart

I am thrilled to be part of LSRO's 5th grade team again this year. I am passionate about helping students and seeing them enjoy what they are learning. 

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STAAR Tips & Reminders

Dear Parents,

As many of you know our Math and Reading STAAR tests (March 28th & 29th) will take place next week. Mrs. Estrada and I wanted to give you a few tips and reminders.

  1. Be sure to get a great night’s sleep.
  2. Eat a filling, balanced breakfast. Try to stay away from foods high in sugar to avoid a crash.
  3. Be on time to school.
  4. Bring a healthy snack. Please do not send any snack that is messy (that may stain fingers or tests like: Cheetos, Doritos, Hot Fries, etc…) or that can spill on the tests (like: fruit cups with liquid, yogurt, cut fruit, etc…). Please make sure snacks are individually packaged or wrapped because students may not leave them in their lunch boxes or plastic bags.
  5. Bring a full water bottle (water only).
  6. Bring a book to read after the test.

Remember, students should not bring their backpacks on this day; they should bring: water, snack, lunch, a book, and a sweatshirt (if they want one).

Lastly, students many not have any electronic device in testing rooms including but not limited to: phones, smart watches, tablets, etc... We strongly encourage students to leave all electronic devices home on testing days, but if it is brought to school students will have to check the device in and they will get it back at the end of the day. Also, if your child wears a watch, please make sure watches that are worn on test day will not make any sounds.


Thank you for partnering with us,

Mrs. McTaggart & Mrs. Estrada

STAAR Tips - Extra Credit

Today we went over Mrs. McTaggart's STAAR Tips. If students show them to you and get a parent signature turned in tomorrow (3-24-17), then they will earn extra credit. 

S – Stay Focused!

T – Take a short break (if you need to).

A – Always eat a good, healthy breakfast and bring a snack and water.

A – Always do your best & remember that I believe in you!

RRest! Get plenty of sleep the night before the test.

Spring Break Review Homework

Dear Parents,


Attached you will find a Spring Break Review. This assignment was handed out to students today to help the review over the break for our upcoming Reading STAAR. This is due the day they get back from break, Monday, March 20th and it will be taken as a grade. Please take the time to go over this and work through it with your student.


Thank you,

Mrs. McTaggart  


Dear Parents, 
Today or tomorrow your child will be bringing the attached document home completed. Please sit down with them and let them talk to you about the goal they set for our up coming Reading STAAR test and ask them what three topics they chose to study to help them reach their goal. They will then ask you to sign this document for a homework grade due Friday, March 3rd. Once I receive  the signed copy, I will send the original (unsigned) home attached to their Reading Benchmark #2 Post View to assist them in which topics they should study at home. 
Mrs. McTaggart
P.S. Reading Logs & Post-Its are due next Wednesday, March 8th. 

Next Week 2-13-17

Dear Parents, 
On Monday students will have a review quiz over main idea, context clues, and reading comprehension. Please be sure to study this weekend. 
Next week is also Benchmark week. Students will be taking benchmarks on Tuesday and Wednesday (Math & Reading). Please send two snacks and a water bottle  with your child on these days as our lunch will be at a later time. 
We will spend the rest of next week going over our Reading Benchmark this will ensure student know specifically what areas they need to review and study before the STAAR test. 
Mrs. McTaggart