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About Mrs. Lane

Welcome to 3rd grade! I am so excited to get to know you and your student. I know this will be a fun and successful year!

This is my fourth year at Life School and I am so excited to work with a team of amazing people! I am married to my awesome husband, Brian. We have been married for three and half years and we are expecting our first baby on August 12th! We will be seeing our sweet little boy, Cooper, very soon! I love to cook, read, and watch movies! My husband and I also love to take small road trips, especially to the Texas Hill Country area!

Make sure to check back every week for important information going on in class.

Recent Posts

Checking for Updates!

Hello! Welcome to my website! I will be updating my website at least once a week. Check back and see what is new! Sometimes I will post links for practice on our current topic in math. I will also post certain  assignments/projects and the occasional picture!

Field Day

Field Day is May 19th!
Don't forget to fill out the Field Day Boxed Lunch order form if your student will need a lunch that day. Otherwise, students need to bring a lunch!

Wax Museum Packet

We are excited to put together the Wax Museum for you, our students and school on February 8th! The attached file is the information letter about the Wax Museum and all required parts for the assignment. It also includes the Homework Page, where students need to write down their 5 facts that they will memorize to present at the Wax Museum. Parents are encouraged to attend!
Students have been assigned an important historical figure. They are bringing home a little bit of research about their person. This information needs to travel back and forth from school to home. They will need that info to complete their essay in class. You are more than welcome to help them do more research at home on the internet!
February 8th at 9:15-9:45 in the auditorium.
Hope to see you there!

How to sign up for Remind!

Attached are directions on how to sign up for my Remind messages. I send out anywhere from 2-4 messages a week, giving information about what we are learning. something that is coming home, important events, etc.
Sign up and stay connected!

Math Support at Home

I will start posting a link every week or every other week that will give a fun interactive look into what we are learning in class. Our math curriculum provides this awesome opportunity to share videos, games, and a reteach page over each topic we cover in class. It would be very helpful if you took a little time each week to sit down and go over this information with your child. It will not only help them if they are struggling, but it will also help them understand the importance of their education if you take the time to sit with them and go over the material. I will start attaching the link to the newsletter as well as send it out via Remind.
If you do not follow my messages that I send out via Remind, please sign up and stay connected! I will post instructions in another post following this one.
Thank you for your support and partnership in your child's education!

Multiplication Flashcards 0-12

Multiplication Flash Cards- in 3rd grade students only have to master up to their 10 times tables, but I have included the 11’s and 12’s to challenge them. In class we are doing Math Fact Practice (MFPs) and students are earning a sticker for every multiplication table they master. When they have mastered all ten times tables and passed three mixed review fact practices, they will earn a FREE DRESS DAY! Please print these out or encourage your student to make flash cards and practice them frequently! It can even be an activity to do in the car!

3rd Grade Math TEKS

These are the math standards that have to be taught in third grade. Please take some time to look at them and support us anyway at home that you can. You can always google the TEK or a phrase from the TEK to find material online.
Thank you for your support in making sure that your child is successful!
Next week, we are celebrating Red Ribbon Week. Check out what's coming up and dress up to show that we are Drug Free!